EOB1 Explorer

This is a level explorer / editor for Eye of the Beholder 1. It requires Windows XP or newer. The editor is included with The All-Seeing Eye automapper which also has an editor for Eye of the Beholder 2. ASE must also be used to set the game folder.

You can edit maps, event scripts and items.

Note that EOB1 saves the maps into the savegame so if you modify a map, you'll need to start a new game to see the changes! Same goes with changes to items.

Event script changes can be seen without having to start a new game. Event editing is currently done in bytecode but you can see a translated script.

As seen above, a new area was added to the first dungeon level near where the game starts. There are stairs down in each alcove that leads to levels 3, 5, 7, 10, and 12. 5 events were added to handle the level shifts and 5 events to display a message before each alcove.

Testing in game.

Succesfully descended to level 12.

The files for the above modification are included in the package. Load the map ("level1_example.maz") with LOAD MAZ and then UPDATE MAZ to update the game files. LOAD SCRIPT (level1_example.txt), then press Control + F9 to patch the game file. Start the game and see if everything works.

If you use the GOG-version of EOB, you can start it quickly with F12 from the editor. ASE can be started with F11.

More screenshots of the editor.